Dollar-Euro parity makes investing in Ireland a once in a generation opportunity

Dollar-Euro parity makes investing in Ireland a once in a generation opportunity

With the current value of the Euro matching the Dollar for the first time since 2002, Americans who seek to invest in the Eurozone are seeing significant value opportunities. As the fastest growing economy in the Eurozone, Ireland offers the most attractive environment for American investment.

Renowned for its favourable business environment, friendly people and beautiful landscape, Ireland has become the premier destination for Americans who wish to secure permanent residence in Ireland under the Government’s Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP). This initiative grants permanent residence status to investors who invest €1m into an approved Irish investment fund.

With parity between the two currencies, this marks the lowest price point ever for Americans since the Irish IIP was launched in 2012. As an example, an American who secured residence in Ireland 12 months ago would have needed to invest nearly $200,000 more to meet the €1m investment threshold. This saving provides the opportunity for the smart investor to also invest in property, exciting high potential tech startups or stocks as well as securing permanent residency for themselves and their family.

It is no surprise therefore that the number of American citizens applying for residency in Ireland has increased by over 2000% in the last year.

Ireland, the land of one hundred thousand welcomes – and two hundred thousand better value!

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