Education in Ireland

Ireland is known for its education excellence in various research areas and Irish universities are ranked among the top 20 international ones.


Ireland is known throughout the world for its excellence in education.

Known as the land of saint and scholars, Ireland has a longstanding reputation for quality of education and high standard of living.

Today we have one of the best education systems in the world and an internationally renowned reputation for academic excellence.

Our tradition as a world leader in the arts has been complimented by growing focus on business, finance and STEM to keep pace with the demands of one of the world’s most dynamic economies.

Ireland takes a holistic approach to student development at every level of the education system.

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Nurture creativity

Academic knowledge is complimented with sport, art and personal growth to nurture creativity, develop leadership and prepare students to adapt to the demands of the future workplace.

As the international centre for Europe’s information technology, medical science and financial sectors, Ireland has partnered with industry and invested heavily to keep our students at the cutting edge.

Our university graduates have been ranked the world’s most flexible, adaptable and best prepared for the future workplace.

Wherever their passions lie, Ireland can help your child reach their potential and take their first steps in a global career.

Irish Education Programmes

34 Higher Education Institutions offer an extensive range of over 5,000 programmes leading to internationally recognised, quality assured qualifications.

International students can choose to meet their educational needs in highly respected business schools, centres of scientific and technology excellence as well as renowned language, humanities and arts faculties.

Finally, did you know that Trinity College Dublin produces more venture capital-backed entrepreneurs than any university in Europe?!

Facts About The Irish Education System

A global leader in literacy, reading and math skills
Holistic approach to student development
All universities in top 5% globally
Internationally recognised qualifications
90% graduate employment rate

Benefits For Investors

Free access to Irish public school system

Local university fee’s after 3 years residence

In International research rankings, Ireland is:




Animal and Dairy




Agricultural Sciences


Molecular Biology and Genetics


Materials Sciences


Basic Medical Research


Neuroscience & Behaviour







Did you know that the Irish invented – Whiskey, flavoured potato crisps, the Tractor, the Tank, the Submarine, colour photography, Portable Defribrillators, the airplane ejector seat - and the cure for leprosy, amongst others!