Life in Ireland

What is it like to live in Ireland?

“Ireland of the welcomes”!

As a county with a long history of migration, with Irish citizens settling all over the world, it is only right that Ireland now welcomes people from every country to Ireland.

These people come to Ireland to work in some of the best companies in the world, avail of Ireland’s world-class education, or simply to enjoy the quality of life and the ‘craic’.

Ireland is multicultural, diverse and has a welcome for everyone.

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Ireland is a Stable Democratic Republic

Ireland is a stable democracy in which political rights and civil liberties are respected and defended.

The Economist Intelligence Unit ranks the Irish democracy as one of the most stable democracies in the world, ranking alongside Norway, Iceland, Sweden, New Zealand, Denmark and Canada.

Ireland has an independent judiciary and a legal system based on common law.

Standard of living in Ireland

Located on the western edge of Europe, Ireland is a diverse, scenic country where residents enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world.

In fact, Ireland was recognised in a 2020 United Nations Human Development Report as second only to Norway for overall standard of living.

In this ranking of 189 countries, Ireland finished ahead of Germany, the UK, Sweden and Australia.


As a committed member of the EU, Irish citizens enjoy the right to live and work anywhere in Europe.

What’s more, under the Common Travel Area agreement with the UK, Irish citizens also enjoy the right to live and work in the UK.

This makes Ireland unique in the world.

It is also a fantastic launching point for exploring Europe — with the UK, Spain, France, Germany and Italy all only a short flight away.

Meanwhile, there are daily flights to the US from numerous airports around Ireland. New York City is just 5 hours away!

Things to do in Ireland

Ireland boasts some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

Walk the breath-taking Cliffs of Moher, explore Achill Island’s stunning Keem Bay, or, if you’re looking for a thrill, kiss the Blarney Stone (be prepared – you have to hang off the edge of the castle to reach it!).

And that’s just the west coast!

No trip to Ireland is complete without a visit to Newgrange, a gigantic 5,200-year-old passage tomb in County Meath which is aligned with the rising sun on the winter solstice.

Just don’t forget to bring your camera!

Irish Culture

While Ireland is most associated with ‘the craic’ – traditional music, perfect Guinness pints and cosy pubs, our culture has made a ginormous impact globally.

From James Joyce to U2 and from Seamus Heaney to Michael Fassbender, the work of our artists is adored right around the world.

Indeed, Ireland is known as a mystic country and mythology does indeed play a key role in Irish culture.

Ancient folklore remains a celebrated aspect of Irish traditions and has emboldened our cultural identity.

We love our sport too – millions of people tune in each year to watch our national games – Gaelic Football and Hurling.

Why not plan a trip to our national stadium, Croke Park, for your first trip to Ireland?